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Arrow Building Construction 

At Arrow Building Construction we pride ourselves in achieving great heights in the commercial steel erection industry. We are a one-of-a-kind builder with a focus on quality work. We employ talent and skill-sets from varying backgrounds to cohesively construct the visions of the owner, architect, engineers, and general contractor; and we have the passion and expertise to make these visions a reality.

Arrow Building Construction exemplifies what it means to be a competent and competitive leader. Our work primarily entails all aspects of commercial and industrial structural steel erection. This includes rigging, erection, and plumbing of structural steel, structural welding, field steel modifications and fabrications, concrete cutting and core drilling, handrail, and misc. steel installation. We train our people to be experts in their field and to excel at what they do best. Our employees work responsibly yet efficiently, and receive ongoing safety training that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Our focus is teamwork, our strength is reliability and resilience. The buildings we construct come to life and “breathe their first breath” with our people who you could call “the dream-makers”. Our reputation proceeds us; the dreams we build remain as a testament to our success.
Meet The Owner

Sandra Leiser

It is our intention to satisfy our customers’ needs. Arrow Building Construction was created to meet the demands of the steel erection industry to complete a project on time, safely, and with excellence. Sandra Leiser is Owner and has 23 years’ experience running a successful structural steel erection company. She is driven and passionate with her customers and her employees, and will put her best foot forward to achieve her vision.

Sandra's interests are the best interests of the customer and project and she will excel at collaborating to achieve the best outcomes. It is the expectation of our customers that we will fulfill and the demands of the job that will not be overlooked. Sandra’s team will excel at meeting these needs and every project will be treated as a priority. Sandra operates Arrow Building Construction with core ethics that revolve around honesty and integrity, and treats her employees, customers, and projects with this core belief in mind.

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